Choose The Smartest Person In This Photo & See What Your Choice Reveals About You

Choose The Smartest Person In This Photo & See What Your Choice Reveals About You

Our choices say a lot about who we are. For example, when you tell someone what your favorite color is, they’ll often respond with either surprise or a more passive understanding. “Oh wow, I didn’t take you for an orange type of person,” or “Oh yeah, I can totally see you liking blue the best.”

So, it shouldn’t be surprising that how we look at the world says a lot about our personalities as well. The whole idea essentially goes along with the glass half full vs. glass half empty theory. However, some situations go beyond being an optimist or a pessimist.

What you choose to see in this picture, for example, can reveal whether you tend to be more easy-going or more adventurous – among other traits. So, give it a try.

Choose the smartest person in this photo and then scroll to find out what it might say about your personality. Also, it helps to just go with your instinct; don’t spend too much time overanalyzing the photo.

If you chose number 1…

If you chose number 1, then you tend to be more optimistic than the average person. The man you chose is sitting on the end of the branch with his back towards the dangers and chaos behind him. Like this man, you like to look ahead and turn your back on the negativity in your life.

Optimism and positivity are good traits to have, so you should cherish them well. However, it’s not good to always keep your back turned to anything and everything that might not go as planned. It’s important to face your troubles and learn to cope in other ways too.

If you chose number 2…

If you chose number 2, you tend to wear your stubbornness on your sleeve. It’s not your only trait, but it’s likely how other people initially see you. You like things to go your way and you’re determined to make that happen.

Speaking of, your determination is out of this world. You’ll typically use any means possible to reach your goals. But it’s also important to realize that your decisions can – and likely will – affect other people too. Make sure you take enough time to think things through before acting on your goals.

If you chose number 3…

If you chose number 3, then you tend to play it safe. You’re good at assessing every angle in a situation, and others can count on you to pick the easiest and safest option. You tend to stay grounded and level-headed, even when everything around you might be turning to chaos.

While it can help you in many situations, your tendency to play it safe can also be your biggest downfall. It may end up keeping you from reaching your greatest potential. You might benefit from taking a risk here and there. You’ll never really know how great the reward might be if you don’t try.

If you chose number 4…

If you think number 4 is the smartest person, then you really know how to have fun. Adventure is practically your middle name. You like to take the road less traveled, as long as you know you have what it takes to make it out in the end.

However, sometimes your rebellious nature can get the best of you. It’s okay to follow the norm once in a while if it ends up being the healthier path. It’s important to remember that self-preservation is always okay and sometimes very necessary.

Now take a look at this photo of women in a tree.

Just as you decided with the previous photo, who do you think is the smartest person in the photo?

If your choice is the same as it was the first time around…

If your choice is the same (for example, if you picked number 1 both times), then you’re true to yourself. You have a good understanding of who you are, regardless of whether or not it’s a conscious understanding. You typically have similar reactions to similar situations.

You’re the type of person that makes the best partner – both in business and in your personal life. People like you because they can count on you to be you. You don’t let others influence your choices too heavily, you know how much you can handle, and you’re hardly ever too indecisive.

If your choice differs from the first photo…

If you chose a different number this time around, then you tend to be a bit indecisive at your core. Maybe you tend to overthink things or perhaps you simply like to keep things interesting. Either way, you’re not the average predictable person.

You’re the type of person that people want to be friends with. People gravitate towards you because you’re never boring. You can see multiple angles in every situation and you don’t always choose the same option. Just be careful not to be too unpredictable or you may end up driving people away.

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